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Gulf&Bay Dock Wraps was formed after noticing there is plenty of room in the market for a professional and honest dock protection company.  We're able to work with a full time crew that focuses specifically on in-water cleaning of marine life off of structures and executing protection installation to keep the harm of marine life at bay.  The team knows how to protect structures from the harm that can occur with oysters, worms and other marine life making the surface of those structures their home.   

Our Leadership:

Micah Thompson


Micah is the founder of Gulf&Bay Dock Wraps, and he oversees our daily operations.  He founded Gulf&Bay Dock Wraps on the premise of not just being a dock wraps provider, but on being the marine industry's in-water and underwater partner.  He takes great pride in our team and how much we care about our customers.

Joseph Calvaresi
Field Manager 

Joseph is our lead Foreman.  He manages our quality control, training, and work flow scheduling.  Joseph consistently goes the extra mile to ensure our work and teams continue to hit the highest of standards in our industry.  

Chris Sinclair

Warehouse Team and Procurement

Chris also works with the boat focused side of Gulf&Bay as well as overseeing warehouse workflow, tools and equipment needs, and material procurement.  He is many times the first to arrive at the shop and the last to leave and his work ethic doesn't go unnoticed by our team.

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