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Dock Inspections

Gulf & Bay Dock Works performs in water inspections of your dock.


After each inspection we provide you with a report that indicates your piling status. We help you determine and decide which pilings can be protected with our Dual Wrap System, a Durosleeve Concrete Jacket, or in need of a replacement piling. You can see samples of our Dual Wrap System and Durosleeve Concrete Jacket on our gallery. 

Our goal is to help you make informed decisions to protect your investment in your waterfront property.

To schedule your in water inspection, please email or call us any time! 

For a sample inspection click here.

New & Undamaged Piling Wraps

Wrap Sample 2.jpg

New & undamaged pilings can be protected using our dual wrap system.


We provide a professional inspection of your pilings to determine the type of piling protection your dock needs.

For newly installed docks and pilings you want to wrap as soon as possible to prevent boring worm damage. 

If your dock is aged, it may have already become succeptible to the growing boring worm infestation in our area. The inspection will determine if your pilings qualify for our dual wrap system.

Read more about our dual wrap system methods...

Durosleeve Concrete Jacket Damaged Pole Repair

Jacket Sample 4.jpg

After inspecting your dock, should damaged pilings be found that do not qualify for our Dual Wrap System, we may recommend using our Durosleeve Concrete Jacket as a solution.


Gulf & Bay Dock Wraps is the largest installer of  Durosleeve Concrete Jackets on the West Coast of Florida. 


As a licensed & insured marine contractor, we are the only company in the area who has worked with local engineers and municipalities to gain permits for concrete jacket work.

Dock Side Wood Preserver: Anti-Fungal Spray 

A Fungus Amung Us.JPG

Gulf & Bay Dock Works has a solution for your above water piling aesthetics, Dockside Wood Preserver, to help protect your dock investment.

If your pilings have a fungal growth that looks like the image to the left we can provide a service to treat your above water piling area with our anti-fungal treatment. 

The anti-fungal piling spray both treats the current fungus and prevents future growth of fungus and termites from eating the wood above the water line. 

For best results we recommend treatment every 2 years. 

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